About the film

The Death of My Two Fathers (TDOMTF) is a courageous exploration of identity, fatherhood, life, and death. The film unpacks the meaning of family, explores race, and how we must all face where we come from for the sake of those who come after us.

By offering the film as a resource to actively engage with communities, our hope is to inspire people to live intentionally, face hard things, and be inspired to use creativity and conversation as a means for healing and honoring loved ones.

Director’s Statement

The Death of My Two Fathers is an exploration of how our human family must reconcile with our painful past if we hope to create a more hopeful future. It speaks to the complexities of multiracial identity and the persistence of racial trauma. It speaks to the challenges of fatherhood. It speaks to coping with grief and loss and the liberation that exists in facing our own mortality. Above all, it speaks to my own children based upon the words my fathers spoke to me. I hope that my family’s story can offer something for others to reflect on and hold throughout their own healing.

Meet the team

It takes a village—both to heal and to make movies about grief and healing. TDOMTF exists thanks to the hard work of a tireless team of creators.

Sol Guy

Director & Writer

Stine Chrone Moisen

Rafe Scobey-Thal

Director of Photography

Matthew Cooke

Editor & Creative Producer

Joel Shearer

Autumn Dea

Additional Editor

Shoshana Guy

Executive Producer

Wolfgang Hammer

Executive Producer (Miramax)

Jane Rosenthal

Executive Producer (Tribeca)

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I made this film for my fathers and my children and it has been transformational for us. Our hope is that it may be transformational for you.